I awake with an electric shock, still dazed of my surroundings. Hands tingling like an image of a static screen from a television, becoming numb. The moment passes quickly, too quickly to read, to know what I’m doing, and to understand what’s happened. I push myself up, slightly laying on my stomach. Everything is wet, bitterly cold, another wave washes over, its weight incredibly heavy as it engulfs me. kry1Darts clashing down my skin, stinging, cold as ice. I attempt to capture the setting, fuzzy, gray, cold….and pink? Where am I? Another wave. SWOOSH! Crashing against my frail body. I twist and tumble. I scramble to hold on, grabbing at anything, but there is nothing, just a haze of pink and slippery, gooey liquid right under me.

Finally my body stops motion… I am still again. Wave after wave, I manage to be still. The hairs on the back of my neck stands on end, skin becoming bumpy, hands shaking, eyes widening. The Ocean.


I jerk to my left. There are others! A woman, slipping as she runs past me. I stumble after her, gently bouncing as I do. Reaching for her. Closing in for her hands. WOOSH! A pink flash. Nothing ahead. Quiet now. A trail of scarlet ribbons passes through my vision, but she’s gone.

Hands. Fingers digging into my palms. Numb. I can’t feel anything. I scan the area. I’m standing, my feet sinking into the ground but not enough to get me stuck. I look towards the horizon, a long trail of pink. SPLASH! Something shoots to the sky! Droplets trailing after. Pink again. My eyes begin to focus. A Squid!

Sudden dashes of color passes by, blue, green, red, yellow. More people zipping away in one direction. I feel a smooth hilt in my right palm, I glance to my hands, the left formed in a fist, the right holding a tremendous sliver knife. A butcher’s knife. I run opposite of the fearful. I raced against fear, I raced towards the heart. This thing, we’re on…I need to kill it…I need to. There is one free…but to kill that…I must kill this one…both will die.            kry2

I reach the end…a gaping hole armed with sharp ivory blades. The knife tightly held in my hand…gracefully marks its path down the side of this ongoing tunnel. The pink rifts in two,


unraveling and revealing something peachy…a baby? It’s injured…hardly breathing. Crimson blankets to the side of it. My fault. The rift continues to expand. An urge building up inside me, mouth agape expecting for acid to spew out. There was no odor…just bits and pieces of what used to belong to children mingled in burgundy. Spine tingling… “They are inside us,” whispered the wind.

My eyes flew open, I reach for my phone, 4:00 am. My body rests cozily in bed…though there is a chill in the room. Sleep lingers in the atmosphere. I force myself up to get ready for class.


I thought hard and long about this dream. Why was it so strange? What does it mean? That’s how I start most of my mornings after I awake.