If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Italy. The reason I would choose Italy is because of the culture, landscape and history.
Italy’s culture is amazing, everywhere from the food, to the people, to the wine and to it’s heritage. I love Italian food and I would love to have an authentic Italian dinner in Italy with my friends and family.
Italy has so much beauty. Specifically the the geography surrounding the country and the city’s architecture. Italy has so many beautiful sites to offer. Ever since a kid I have been interested in seeing The Colosseum located in Rome. Italy has so many festivals and celebrations that I would love to take part in in the near future. The museums and history Italy has to offer are beautiful. Italy has always had so much history to offer to it tourists. Many people do not realize how much innovation Italy has taken part in in the world.
I would prefer to go in the summer time. I would like to go to all parts of Italy. Florence, Rome and Venice are the three main cities I would prefer to go to. On this trip I would love to go with all my close friends. All of us together and staying in the same hotel. My friends and I would enjoy all parts of Italy, especially the beaches. I think Italy is the best country because of everything it has to offer and since a young kid I’ve always had aspirations of visiting many countries but, Italy by far is where I want to go.