If I had one month to live, I would travel the world and get to see what I was not able to see growing old. I know that my health may not be in the best shape to experience much. Although it would be nice to travel the world with the money, I do not have. If I had enough money to buy a one-way ticket and die peacefully where I have always wanted to travel would be amazing. The place I would pick to see would be Tahiti because in magazines and photos it looks so breathe taking. Tahiti is a beautiful island in French Polynesia; many people choose their honeymoon destination Tahiti because it is so beautiful. The waters are so clear, and there is a resort on the water they are called bungalows. I would love to have my close family by my side as my life comes to an end. I would not know what else to do in such a short amount of time because that time would go by so quickly. As far as traveling, I would also like to spend time with my family at the most cherished spots as I did where I grew up. We would go to Hawaii, camping in The Sierra Nevada’s, as to getting dirty in the desert. Growing up was always so fun to me because we got to travel and go on adventures that I never thought would happen. Being that I would only have one month to live would be terrifying, life would flash before my eyes, and I would not know what to do in such short time. I would like to hang out with all my good friends and loved ones and talk about the good days before I went to heaven. I believe that there is always a spot in the sky for somebody, and I would take that spot. Dying is going to a part of everyone’s life whether they like the thought of it or not. I know that some people are deathly afraid of dying, that is ultimately their biggest fear. For me, death is something people have to accept with over time and let alone one month to live and do everything that you once loved to do for one last time. Life is very short, and some people do not get to experience everything and would like to do it in such a short period. 31 days is not long enough to do everything in your life that you once dreamt of doing but at least achieving some bucket list goals would be cherishable.