I live my life with the goal of not having to regret any past actions that I’ve performed; if I had the ability to go back in time two or three years however, it’s not so much what I would have done differently but what I would have done in addition to my past actions. For starters, I would have told my past self to make more short films, commercials, and PSAs in my high school’s advanced video production class. During my two years involved in video production, I made a decent amount of projects; I never received any kind of major recognition from them, but they were enough to receive a compliment or two from those around school. If I were to have been on more assignments during this time period, I would not only have more pieces to put in my portfolio, but more chances of being recognized for my participation in different projects from either The Orange County Film Festival, the FilmED staff, the iTV crew, or even just a couple more students. While I would have increased the amount of participation I exerted in film, I would have also enlightened myself on the benefits of socially involving myself with more people than just my small clique of friends. During my high school years, I had a group of six friends with whom I did everything with: concerts, eating, hiking, video games, shopping, and practically everything else. Of course, once you establish a solid friend group, you should feel comfortable with not having to rely on anyone else for anything. Being involved with more than the same few friends, however, can increase your overall mood and make you feel more accepted in a sizeable crowd such as my high school. I am still proud of all the choices and actions I made when I was younger, but giving myself a few extra tips could have improved my high school experience.