Dear Future Self,
Wow you’ve worked so hard throughout high school and college, and it’s almost coming to an end. In a few months, you’ll be walking the stage and be the graduating class of Cal State Fullerton 2019. What a big accomplishment! You’ll not only have the infinite support from your family who have always stood by you, but the love and genuine comfort from relationships you’ve built here at Fullerton, relationships you’ll cherish each and every day. You’ve not only achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences but proudly where a shawl that signifies the challenging honors program courses you took throughout college. You’ll graduate with honors and proudly represent you’re family up stage.
But you’re not done, this is just the beginning and graduate school is going to be the real challenge. Hopefully you will either be attending University of Southern California, home of the Trojans or University of California Los Angeles home of the Bruins. Both universities offer rigorous medical courses and the comprehension of the pre-med courses you took at Cal State Fullerton will be put to test. Graduating from either of theses schools will fill me with pride and only further set in stone my career goals. After attending medical school and graduating with a Masters Degree in Public Health, if all goes well I will have a medical internship. I will then practice all that I have accomplished over the past eight years and eventually be able to own my pediatric practice. With hard work and dedication I plan to soon achieve my dream, helping others and becoming a pediatrician.