The damn polar bear from Coca Cola is dying because it’s home is literally melting into
the ocean. Imagine other real life animals such as penguins and seals becoming extinct due to pollution resulting in global warming. Now imagine harnessing technology that could remove one of the biggest polluters in the air and turn it into plastic products, energy alternatives to fossil fuels, and create more jobs. Carbon dioxide recycling has been in the making for years, and finally has come out to the public’s view. Getting rid of carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the essential first steps to saving earth, because it is a main pollutant in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide that is produced by factories, cars, the usage of fossil fuels, and several other factors goes into the air as a gas and is linked directly to the temperature of the earth. By directly recycling the source of pollution, we can greatly reduce the amount of CO2 emissions in the air. Introducing more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will cause a manmade climate change. Earth’s carbon levels are naturally dictated by the climate change, and the variations in the air determine how much energy is brought to earth from the sun. The less
carbon in the air means the less energy from the sun is on earth, while more carbon means more energy. The manproduced CO2 emissions alter the balance of CO2 in the air, and causes a climate change globally, causing ocean levels to rise due to the melting of icecaps, the reduction of quality of respiratory health, and exposure to chemicals in the air, among other things. The effects of recycling carbon dioxide on the earth is easy chemistry for anyone. Removal of the pollutant means less CO2 emissions are in the air, and the reduction of its presence means the energy from the sun is let in less and more to it’s natural standards. Recycling CO2 for products use is also as simple. A main product that can be made from recycled carbon dioxide is gasoline. All that is done is recombining carbon from carbon dioxide with hydrogen from water to form hydrocarbonsotherwise
known as gasoline. This is all done using energy efficient technology that can carry out this process. The environmental, economical, and cost efficiency from just the
conversion of recycled CO2 to gasoline can bring a great deal of positive change to daily life.
You can go to a gas station and have peace of mind about two things: saving money due
to the abundance of gas and being environmentally friendly. Since gas is environmentally
friendly and made, there is better air quality, and the earth is being brought back into it’s natural carbon cycle. China, where children don’t know the sky is blue, could finally see a blue sky and the adults don’t have respiratory problems. This is a few positives from the production of carbon recycled gas. There could be the creation of plastic products, and a new industry spawning in result of this. Coca Cola will have their own recycling station right next to their plants, capturing carbon emissions and turning it into Coca Cola bottles. This will open a new job field and a new sector of employment in the economy. Unemployment can go down, people seeking jobs will have an opportunity to get one, and the economy outlook will be better. This is how it would affect a regular person who plays baseball and basketball, which is me. My respiratory system won’t have to deal with additional problems that can crop up when I’m outside. I can focus on my current ones and heal them without any impediment by being outdoors. Having no basketball court or baseball field to play on, I have to drive out and meet others. Saving money on gas while riding on environmentally friendly gas that didn’t harm the earth during it’s making is a win, even if you’re not a tree hugger. Any plastic parts and products will come cheaper with plastic being more than available through recycling. Baseball equipment and simple things such as the plastic gatorade water bottles will be more affordable to everyone,
not just those who can afford it. Carbon dioxide recycling can literally do a whole world of good. Additional unnatural CO2 gases will alter the earth because it allows in more energy from the sun. Directly attacking the main pollutant will go a long way to reducing the problem into something more manageable, while affecting daily life. The quality of the air affects quality of life, and the products from recycling carbon dioxide is going to have a massive impact economically as well. New industries and jobs will form and bring opportunity to all. Use common sense and harness a powerful green
technology that will appease everyone.