Although I have maintained a lot of relationships throughout my lifetime, other than my parents, there is one relationship that means the most to me. My grandfather and I have an inseparable relationship. It’s weird to think a kid would have an unbreakable relationship with his grandfather, but it’s very possible.

My grandfather is a big supporter of me, and everything I partake in. Whether it’s sports or education, he’s right by my side cheering me on. As an older man, you don’t really know what’s cool in society, and that’s where I come in. I help him pick out all the newest clothes, sneakers, and accessories that he likes. Here and there my grandfather surprises me with some money in my account just to keep me steady. When I receive good grades in school, I definitely know my account will be deposited with money by the end of the week.

My grandfather is always there for the minor things too. He comes by our house to make sure I have food, and he comes to eat with my family and I. My grandfather was the Sherriff of NYC in the early 90’s, which means, my grandfather maintain a lot of relationships and he includes me in a majority of them. He introduces me to all his co-workers, bosses, and old childhood friends that he still has. Although it can be slightly annoying, having to talk when you don’t want to, my grandfather’s intentions are always in a good place.

Lastly, he finds time to fly out to California to watch me play and spend time with me. Even 3,000 miles away, he is still my biggest supporter. Always sitting courtside with a shirt that says my name and number on it. Other people may see it as embarrassing, but I see it as someone who is in my corner willing to do anything for me.

My grandfather, behind my dad, was a great example how to be a man. He taught me that respect, honesty, and good deeds don’t go unnoticed. He is part of the reason why I am the young man I am today.