If I could go back in time two or three years, some advice that I would give myself would be to have fun while I could in high school. By fun I mean, don’t be too focused on trying to grow up. I know in high school, I wanted to be older so badly that I thought things, like going to parties and movies with friends, just seemed like a waste of time. I always wanted time to go faster, but now that I’m getting older, I wish time would slow down. Because I am starting to realize this, I wish that I took advantage of my high school years and just enjoyed the life that I had; a life filled with friends, laughter, and smiles. I never really realized how things start to get real once you enter college. In high school, second chances were easily able to obtain. However, once you enter college, if a mistake is made, there are very real consequences to life. Because of this, I would tell my past self to just enjoy the high school years and just relax.

Another advice I would tell my past self to enjoy the time in water polo. There is not much more time throughout life to be able to play water polo for fun. In high school I remember thinking how horrible the practices were. Walking onto the pool deck after 6th period and seeing the swim set on the board would just bring a huge sigh. However, looking back, I realized how much it benefited my health as well as how much fun I have during practices with my friends. I remember how the initial reaction to the sets on the board would always bring a sigh, but looking back and really looking at the whole picture, I can see the fun I had. Also, I remember thinking that I could not wait until polo season would be over. One day, water polo season was really over and the next year, I would not come back to play. I look back missing the joy that I felt when I won a game, the anger felt when I lost, and lastly the sadness. To this day, I miss the days that I would jump into the pool and just play around. I would tell my past self that you would miss it so stop complaining about all the “stress” that it is giving you.

The last advice that I would give my past self would be to enjoy the freedom of having no job. Now days I end school and head straight to work. There is almost no time for a rest in between my busy schedule. In high school I was very naïve and only thought about all the money I would be making. Little did my past self know that I would be making very little money. All that free time that I had is something I miss. I would tell my past self to enjoy all the times that I would just come home from school, lie on my bed, and watch some Netflix.

Although the past is in the past, if there was a chance to go back in time to give my past self some advice, I would. I would tell my past self to make sure to enjoy the high school years. Enjoy the freedom that’s given during the high school period. Also, I might hate water polo during the season, but to realize that everything does come to end. Because of this, make sure to enjoy the time that you have and always look at the bright side instead of the dark. Remember, the glass is always half full.