If I had the chance to go back two or three years I would definitely give myself academic advice. During my sophomore year in high school I thought it would be easy to get away with being lazy and still maintain high grades. Unfortunately, I thought wrong because that was not the case at all. Every upperclassman I knew always said “don’t get lazy, you will regret it,” but at the time I did not give it much attention. I realize now that I should have listened, after all they were experienced. For one reason or another I did not take that advice, and I completed that year not doing my best academically. It’s not that I was careless, I just became lazy with the work load I had. Little did I know it would affect me in the long run since my goal was to attend a four year university, and average grades were not good enough.

After that year, I knew I had to be better than average. I noticed that college acceptances were becoming much more competitive than I thought they were. I saw the disappointment that college rejection letters brought to my peers, so I knew that I had to step up and raise my grades. The following year, my junior year, I became the student I should have been since I started high school receiving a 4.3 GPA my first semester and a 4.5 the second. I was extremely proud, but sadly, my previous GPAs had affected my total GPA and it was too late to bring it up.

If I knew then what I know now, I might have taken a different route and definitely not load myself with numerous rigorous courses. I would tell my past self to always take education serious times because it all counts in the end. Honestly, CSUF was not always my first choice; however, now I am content for the opportunity I got and I do not regret the choice at all. I know now that in order to be academically successful one has to work hard and earn each and every grade. If I could go back I would tell myself to never settle for average when I could be above it because the world is too much of a competitive place.