There are many things that are important to me such as my family and friends. Although, above all else there is one thing that truly matters to me the most about those things and that would be the relationships that form those bonds with them. I always make an effort to make sure that my relationship with my family and friends is as strong as possible. I always prioritize my family above all else which is why I feel that I have such a strong connection with each of them. There have been times when we have gotten into arguments that were so heated, that we wouldn’t speak nor want to see each other because of it. However, I don’t really have to worry about us having those huge fights because I know very well that we can have those fights and still be able to support one another without it affecting us since we know those fights won’t be able to tear us apart. My relationship with each of my friends is no different from that of my family. I believe that friends have an importance in any kind of relationship because they are always there for you whether it be to hang out, help you in a rough spot, or get you through some dark times. I always try and make time to hang out with them because I feel that we can all have a stronger bond with one another by playing videogames, board games, or just getting some fast food. We haven’t had any major fights with each other but I feel at ease knowing that we can forget about the whole issue and still be friends with one another. There are many other things that are important to me, but none of them are as important as the relationships I have with my family and friends, and I will do whatever I can to make sure the bond between us stays strong.