Dear future self,

I can not believe you got into medical school! Your dream has finally been accomplished. You are at UCI’s medical school. All the hard work you did in high school and college finally paid off. Now the real struggle begins, getting through medical school to complete your ultimate goal, to become a doctor. You are just a few years away, then you can start your life.

Just remember all those classes you had to take in college just to meet the requirements of applying. Six additional science classes on top of your major, fifty hours of shadowing a doctor, who knows how many hours of community service, assisting one of your professors with their research for a year, keeping a high GPA, and finally studying and passing the MCAT.

It was worth it though: studying all those hours and crying ever time you went and saw the Health Professions Advisor. It was all worth it. Ever since you were little your dream has been to become a doctor. At first, a Vet, and then a Dermatologist. Who knows if I changed my mind now. All you know is that the medical field is where you belong and no matter what you do as a career, you will be in this field helping those who need it most.

All I wonder is if what I am doing now is good enough to get into medical school? I wonder if along the way I get higher grades, finally get the scribe job I was wanting, shadow many doctors and get amazing recommendations. I wonder if everything I am trying to accomplish is good enough and will be good enough to get me in. I know obviously at some point I will get in, but when? How will I do in the application process? I have so many unanswered questions.  I know I won’t be able to answer these until that time comes, but it would be great to know my future self. The thought of actually accomplishing my dreams, getting into medical school, and becoming a doctor, is scary. But I have faith in myself that I will accomplish all these goals, answer all my questions, and succeeded to the best of my ability.  I hope one day when we finally meet, I will be introduced as Doctor.